The team at Mountain Lakes Medical have had a busy few months. We’ve had a breather between seasons where we have had a chance to have a spring clean and tidy up of our clinics which is always nice. We welcomed a new practice nurse Emma in January who is settling well into the team.

Winter has well and truly arrived here in Queenstown. It started off with a typical Queenstown snowfall at the beginning of June where the town was transformed to a winter wonderland.

We have had a few warmer days in the last week or two, but don’t be fooled, jack frost will be back with a vengeance and we are sure the ski fields can’t wait for a top up of snow.

Colder weather unfortunately brings with it ills and chills which is where we come in. Nasty winter bugs can leave you unwell for some time, this also means time off work and any activities you may have planned. A good way to prevent becoming seriously unwell is having your influenza vaccine. This protects against multiple influenza strains. Influenza can be serious and life threatening for elderly. pregnant women or people with underlying medical conditions.

We offer influenza vaccines at both our practices. The costs are as follows.

$30 for adults who are enrolled with us

$45 for adults who are not enrolled with us

$15 for children who are enrolled with us

$70 for adults who have a GP consult and vaccine at the same time.

The vaccine is funded for patients with specific medical conditions, pregnant women and any adults over the age of 65.

It’s never too late to have your flu vaccine.

Unfortunately the influenza vaccine doesn’t stop you getting the typical winter cold. This includes runny nose, sore throat, coughing, sneezing and generally feeling unwell. Basic measures to help nasty bugs disappear quicker is plenty of rest, fluids, and lots of healthy fruit and vegetables.

If your symptoms are lasting longer than you would expect then please pop in to see our friendly team for an appointment.

Winter in Queenstown also means skiing and snowboarding for a lot of people. These sports also bring with them aches/pains and injuries. If you have injured yourself up the mountain and are looking for advice and further treatment, then please pop in to see our friendly team and we can get you set up with an ACC number and being the treatment process.

For some immunity booster inspiration try out Nadia Lim’s Tumeric and Ginger Chicken soup recipe. Nothing better than a warming soup in winter. and bonus it is full of lots of nutrients!

Keep warm from Emma and the team.